Rebecca Glenn – Founder

Rebecca founded the Centre for Women’s Economic Safety (CWES) to raise awareness of economic abuse as a form of domestic and family violence and advocate for structural and systems change to support women’s economic safety. From 2018 to 2021 she also worked at Insight Exchange (Domestic Violence NSW Service Management), with a focus on economic abuse and the impact of domestic and family violence on financial wellbeing.

Rebecca developed her passion for financial wellbeing while working as a communications executive at the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA). In that capacity she was an Executive Committee member and Campaign Director for MoneySmart Week before being appointed founding CEO of not-for-profit organisation, Financial Literacy Australia in 2013.

Before Insight Exchange and CWES, she worked for the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) developing its employee financial wellbeing program. As a member of CBA’s Domestic and Family Violence Working Group Rebecca worked with a range of experts to develop the Women’s Financial Wellbeing Guide and partnered with Domestic Violence NSW to produce the Addressing Financial Abuse Guide. She also led development of the bank’s first Financial Inclusion Action Plan.

In 2019, she was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to investigate service responses to women experiencing or escaping economic abuse in the UK, USA and Canada. You can find her report on the Churchill Trust website. Rebecca is also an AMP Tomorrow Maker (2021).

Margie Stewart – Director of Programs

Margie founded her financial therapy practice, Raw Money, in 2015 to help women work towards financial wellbeing whilst living through and with challenging life issues.

Before working in the area of women’s economic safety, Margie worked in senior positions in policy, regulatory and government affairs and advocacy in the financial services industry. In particular, Margie held senior positions at BT, MLC, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and
the Association of Superannuation Funds Australia.

Margie is a Certified Financial Planner and also holds a Masters of Legal Studies as well as a Masters in Financial Planning. She is also in the final stages of completing her Graduate Diploma of Counselling at the Australian College of Psychology in Sydney.

Margie has lived experience that has led to a deep interest and commitment to women’s economic safety. In particular, the impact of chronic post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on women’s financial wellbeing. Margie found as a single mother who was experiencing chronic PTSD that it was very difficult to obtain financial advice that was accessible and appropriate to her circumstances. This led Margie to work in the financial services industry to understand the industry and try and make changes from within the system.

Margie has a commitment to the value of appropriate financial advice and believes that financial advice should be accessible to all.  Margie sees it as her life’s calling to help women access appropriate financial advice.

Women with lived experience of economic abuse and associated disadvantage contribute insight and expertise to inform the work of CWES.

Experts include financial counsellors with expertise in family violence and economic abuse, academics in the field, lawyers working in the relevant areas of consumer and family law, and others with significant frontline experience of economic abuse and disadvantage.

CWES acknowledges these groups are not mutually exclusive.