Our Vision

Our Vision is of a gender-equal Australia where:

  • Women are free of abuse that undermines their economic safety;
  • Women are able to access information and opportunities to (re)establish, maintain and build economic safety; and
  • The caring and protection of children, and other dependents, is supported and valued.

Our Governance

The Centre for Women’s Economic Safety is currently a company Limited by Guarantee operating on a not-for-profit basis. It is auspiced by Domestic Violence NSW Service Management, a registered charity and public benevolent institution endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (DGR).

Our Principles

We acknowledge and respect women’s resourcefulness and expertise in their own lives. We recognise women’s agency and will support women to access opportunities to (re)establish, maintain and build economic safety.

Economic wellbeing is multi-faceted and requires interactions across different sectors, services and organisations. To bring about positive individual outcomes and positive social change, we will work with partners across the ecosystem.

We do not know, and cannot imagine, all there is to know about every woman’s experiences and approaches to achieving the outcomes we and they seek. We are committed to listening to lived experience, reflecting on our activities and practice, and adapting our approach and thinking as we learn.

The social change we seek in support of women’s economic safety will require cultural changes, organisational changes, system changes and legal and policy changes. Some of the changes will be hard and there will be resistance, but we will be unflinching and persistent in our mission.