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The Centre for Women’s Economic Safety invites you to imagine a world where women are free of economic abuse: A world where economic safety is an accepted human right, where every adult has their own financial identity, and where women’s and men’s contributions to society are equally valued.


Our Mission

The Centre for Women’s Economic Safety (CWES) exists to support women experiencing, or at risk of experiencing,  economic abuse in the context of domestic and family violence.

Our Goals

  1. To assist women experiencing economic abuse by connecting them with appropriate information, services and assistance to support their economic safety.
  2. Reduce the impact of economic abuse on victim-survivors by sharing their lived experiences to improve social, service and system responses to it.

Our Approach

Building on the approach developed by Domestic Violence Service Management’s initiative, Insight Exchange, the Centre for Women’s Economic Safety is guided by the expertise of women with lived experiences of economic abuse and disadvantage to inform its advocacy.


If you are experiencing economic abuse, or you are supporting someone who is, please explore the Directory on our Financial Safety website, for services that can support.


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